The Following

I'm pretty sure this is how most people end up with cats.

6 thoughts on “The Following

  1. Inspired by Church? The cat from Pet Sematary? Or is this your revenge on Garfield? -v

    1. A little bit. I originally wanted to do a stitched-together one, but after Googling “Frankencat,” it looked like many people already had that idea. Then I doodled a zombie cat and I liked him, so there we go.

      But the similarity wasn’t lost on me. Check out the hover text. 😉

    2. Also, my revenge on Garfield.

      I toyed with naming him Garth, to poke at Garf, and because of Simon Garth, but I don’t really like it.

  2. You know I’ve always said there’s only one type of good cat, a dead cat, however, I think now I might have misspoke.

  3. FirstWorldProblems

    I really wish everything in life had a “Like” button. Because, it would be easier to “Like” thehatandfat’s comment, rather than having to comment about liking a comment. #FirstWorldProblems

  4. You can keep him in the shallow grave out back!

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