Candy Crush

Also, here's the latest piece of fan art by @Scaredemy!


5 thoughts on “Candy Crush

  1. Twizzlerman! All the horror, half the fat of other candy monsters!

  2. OK, I’ll bow before you Twizzlerman, but only to bite a chunk of your gut! I love Twizzlers! Mmm, sweet sweet monster treat! I am your predator!

  3. Given the high cost of movie theater snacks, I think a second mortgage might be necessary to finance a Twizzler creature of that size.

  4. I like the colors and lighting in the comic where they’re sitting in the theatre, Steve. Why am I commenting one strip back? Because you just did it over on my site so I figured I’d return the favor. Nice work on all the strips, you goof. Now please make a new Creepy Crowley soon, I’m going through withdrawal. -v

    1. Ha, I only just caught this!

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