Wishful Thinking
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  1. Do ghosts enjoy lumps of coal? Something tells me they might. 🙁

    • Maybe the real phrase is “things that go LUMP in the night”!

  2. I think someone needs to spend time in the Containment Unit! :OP

  3. It’s good to see these two back in action. Hopefully you’ve got some bit of buffer set aside so I can keep enjoying these thrice weekly. Yes, I said thrice. -v

    • Dang, you are a harsh taskmaster, Mr. Dorse!

  4. I keep going over and over in my mind what might constitute a Petting Zoo Crisis.

    • Those poor goats. 🙁

  5. hey steven, just want ya to know that i’m really enjoying this strip, but i want more, any new strips in the works?

    • Yes, actually! Coming soon!

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